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ISSUE 116 VOL 1 PUBLISHED 9/13/2002

Storage parking restricts students’ weekday travel

By Julie Gunderson
News Editor

Friday, September 13, 2002

Parking spaces are a rare commodity on campus. For many students the only way to have a car on campus is to apply for a storage-parking permit, which allows those who live at least 200 miles away from campus to store their cars at the college in lots J and I.

Vehicles registered with storage-parking permits, must remain on campus during weekdays and can be driven on weekends only. For first year students with storage parking, vehicles are only allowed to leave campus during official college breaks.

According to Parking Office Coordinator, Donna Hunter, the reasoning behind this policy is because students with storage-parking should only be using their vehicles for transportation to their residence and back to campus. If students need their transportation for a job or a volunteer position, they should apply for a Skoglund lot.

Students are issued tickets for violating any of the parking rules such as parking on upper-campus; they are first issued a warning that, if followed by a second ticket, will cause the student to lose their permit.

"We are realistic about it," Hunter said. "We know that if a student lives in Texas, they won’t be able to drive their car back, so when they are issued a second ticket we will take their license plates instead."

A practice that the college discontinued a few years ago was taking license plates from students with storage parking before they even accumulated a ticket, and only letting students with this permit use their car for travel to and from their homes.

The practice was stopped when the price of storage parking was increased to $55.

The price of storage parking is now equal to the cost of all other permits, except temporary and motorcycle permits.

Although the policy rules may be unfamiliar with students who have a storage-parking permit, but the policy is clearly stated in the school’s parking procedures.

"At the beginning of the school year there are so many students who are receiving parking permits, that I don’t have time to go through every part of the parking policy with them," Hunter said. "But I encourage students to read over the policy and if they have questions to stop in and I can go into the reasoning behind the policies."

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