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ISSUE 116 VOL 2 PUBLISHED 9/20/2002

Chino Latino Too Hot to Resist

By Anonymous
Contributing Writer

Friday, September 20, 2002

Looking to escape the lackluster meals at the good old caf? Tired of waiting in the ridiculously long lines that stretch as far as the Cage? Maybe you are looking to get off of the Hill and experience some city life. Whatever the predicament may be, relax and take a deep breath, because I am serving you your resolution and its guaranteed to be a tasty one. An amalgamation of succulent Chinese and Latin dishes, amiable and unique servers and staff, an attention-grabbing, glowing ambiance and mouth-watering mixed drinks and desserts will make for an interesting dinner and an essential addition to your night out on Hennepin Avenue. Chino Latino, located in Uptown on the corner of Hennepin and Lake Street, is conveniently situated across from such clothing stores as Urban Outfitters, Express, Gap, and more. Chinos is in the ideal location to fulfill your after-shopping Big Kahuna Polynesion Pupu platter and Honolulu Hummer craves--and the lip-smacking menu doesnt end there. The Menu Take a ride on the Banzai Bullet Train Bento Box and take the Super Grouper World Tour to Montego Bay Jerked Chicken, Saigon Scallop Satay, or Chinatown Lo Mein — the possibilities are endless. For those of you who arent familiar with these dishes, I will provide some insight. The Banzai Bullet Train Bento Box is an Uptown train station lunch box loaded with grilled beef teriyaki, shanghai-style tempura shrimp, goma dari spinach salad, and grilled sea scallops with yuzu butter. To satisfy the grouper lover, the Super Grouper World Tour contains char-grilled New Zealand grouper served with macadamia rice, spicy pineapple chutney and banana curry sauce. Or, if you want something a little simpler, you could go for my personal favorite, the Mandarin Orange Beef. With a menu that boasts such outrageously named main courses as those above, one has to wonder what surprises the desserts and drinks will bring. Enhance your mood with the Mango Double Happiness Cake, Almond Joy Pie, or some plain old Hot Monkey Love, which are all Chino Latino favorites. Drinks Interested in some beer or perhaps a mixed drink? Well if you are a 21-year-old St. Olaf student who is tired of not being able to sit back, have a drink, and enjoy the game  go to Chinos, they have the flavor you need in your life! Get pleasure from El Orgazmo, one fresh pineapple blended with Cruzan Pineapple, Malibu, and Bacardi O rums and serves in a pineapple. Or, take a walk on the wild side with the Kama Sutra Mama, containing Absolut Kurant, Amaretto, pineapple, grapefruit, cranberry, and orange juice. The drink menu also includes martinis, tequilas, wine, and a variety of beer. The Ambiance Scrumptious cuisine isnt the only thing for which Chino Latino is known. As you saunter up Hennepin Ave., Chinos is easily spotted by its shimmering gold border. Upon walking in, one can see that Chino Latino holds a Chinese/Latin adventure that could not be experienced anywhere else. Hundreds of votives in red votive holders keep the restaurant glowing. Allow your eyes to wander over to the bar, which is nothing short of astonishing. With its orange-red radiance, the bar is ordained with hundreds of neatly arranged bottles of liquor. The bar is perhaps the most spellbinding feature in Chino Latino, mainly because of its décor. Travel downstairs and you will have the chance to eat by the kitchen, so you can watch the cooks prepare the decadent meals. Although the prices arent exactly geared toward college students with main courses ranging from $11-$33, Chino Latino is sure to suffice your every need and you will undoubtedly get your moneys worth. As Emily Hall 03 says, "it's one of the trendiest places to eat in the cities right now and certainly in the uptown area." Whether out with the girls, on a date, or with your family, Chino Latino is the perfect place for lunch or dinner.

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