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ISSUE 116 VOL 4 PUBLISHED 10/4/2002

Rocking in a Malt-O-Meal town

By Anonymous
Contributing Writer

Friday, October 4, 2002

Throughout their 14 years of creating music, the Limestones have kept the same game plan: make great music and have fun doing it. This year, things have not changed. Since 1989, the Limestones have been singing, writing and performing a capella music, not only for the St. Olaf community to hear, but for many across the nation. Senior Matt McDonald heads the extremely talented group of seven singers. He said that everything has really been put into and kept into perspective during his three consecutive years with the group. "Its just a great a capella ensemble. Were matched with quality people and we dont lose sight of having fun," said McDonald. McDonald, who first joined the group as a sophomore, says that this years group, have come to know each other on and off the stage, building great group friendships, which helps them when they are performing. "Not only do we continue to grow as a group, but we are maturing and learning from our mistakes," said McDonald. "We have a lot of passion for what we do and its fun to see it all work out." This year the group welcomed two new members to the Limestone family, senior Jake Barclay and junior Andy Johnson, who both contribute to the group as high tenors. Rookie member Johnson commented about fitting in and the chemistry with the rest of the Limestones. "Im just happy to get the chance to be a part of something special," he states. "Jake and I have had a seamless transition and weve adjusted well. Weve really fit." Working with McDonald, Barclay and Johnson, the Limestones feature four other members: senior Herbie Washington, primarily on percussion, junior tenors Gabe Koxlion and Pete Hoffman, and finally senior bass Marcus Hanson. Hanson said that the Limestones hope to accomplish four major goals by the end of this year: establish their reputation as a quality a capella ensemble; perform four concerts; compete in the Mid-west A capella Sweepstakes, which takes place with other collegiate teams from across the nation in Chicago; and finally, they hope to complete and produce a CD. To say the least, the group has been very excited for the release of their new album, "Rock Solid" for quite some time. "The CDs about 90 percent done," says Hanson. "Weve put a lot of hard work and late nights into it, and so far we are really pleased with what weve accomplished and we think our friends and supporters will be too." There will be 13 songs on the album, including six new tunes. Some favorite tracks included on the new CD are "The River", "In the Light", and "Beautiful Thing." The release date of the album is not yet set in stone, however, the group says it will be sometime in November. The Limestones will also be hosting a CD-release party when the album comes out and remind everyone that they are invited. Having performed one concert this year, the group is getting ready, not only for their new album to come out, but also for their next concert, which will be held during finals week in December. McDonald said that this years concert will feature mainly Christmas carols and tunes. "The bulk of the concert is going to be Christmas songs," he said. "Its going to be a Yuletide fest." This year, senior Nate Anderson is the sound director for the Limestones and says that the group is having a lot of fun so far this year. "The group, as well as the new CD just rocks this year," said Anderson. "The group has been composed of five or six members in years past, but with the emergence of a seventh member, the group has been taken to a new plateau." After this year, the group will lose four members to graduation, leaving Koxlion, Hoffman, and Johnson to continue the tradition of the Limestones. "Itll be a challenge, but Im looking forward to it and to finishing out the end of this year," said Koxlion. "Next year, like years past, we will incorporate ideas and feedback from previous members to keep us going." But before they can look forward to that, the Limestones have a promising year ahead of them: three more concerts, a major competiton in Chicago, and what looks to be the most polished CD in Limestones history, Rock Solid. Hanson said that the in the end the hard work will all be worth it. "We are just excited for our friends and for the entire campus to hear our music. A capella, tradition and growing. As long as we have those three, people will enjoy our music and the Limestones will enjoy creating and performing it."

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