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ISSUE 116 VOL 4 PUBLISHED 10/4/2002

Memorabalia adorns walls of newly established Applebee’s

By Anonymous
Contributing Writer

Friday, October 4, 2002

Good food is not the only thing customers can enjoy when they visit the new Applebees Bar and Grill in Dundas. The restaurants décor gives a taste of Northfields history and character. The areas newest dining venue sports an eclectic array of antiques, celebrity photos, and a collection of decorations specific to Northfield itself. While the interior walls of every Applebees throughout the country are adorned in a similar fashion, the pictures and stories that characterize Northfield make these walls unique and portray the personality of the town, while contributing to the atmosphere of the restaurant. The entryway boasts pictures and equipment from the Northfield Fire Department. Yellowing photos of past fires are spaced between pieces of old fire-fighting equipment. In the area at the front of the restaurant, guests can keep themselves busy while they wait to be seated by looking over a Jesse James section. Northfields most celebrated event, the defeat of Jesse James, is clearly a focal point in the interior design, as it dominates much of the wall space. More pictures and tidbits of information are hung along the front wall, as well as the section near the entrance. Hanging on the wall to the right of the front door are various old newspaper clippings and pictures devoted to the infamous Jesse James Gang and the reenactment of its last bank robbery attempt that takes place every year at the Defeat of Jesse James Days celebration. To the left of the door are dozens of celebrity photographs, typical in most Applebees restaurants. But the back wall, near the kitchen and restrooms, hosts more decorations inspired by the town of Northfield. Here, the pictures and wall hangings are dedicated to the past and present glories of Northfield High School, particularly Raiders uniforms and pennants. St. Olaf is also noted, on a nearby wall where several pennants, jerseys, and photographs hang. Pictures of Old Main are present. Carleton College is well-represented with its own display on the same wall. Most of the adornments related to Northfield were retrieved from the Northfield Historical Society (NHS). Elizabeth Whipple 03, an employee of NHS, said that Applebees representatives wanted material that was interesting and depicted the individual character of the town, especially with specific historical points of interest. "The things they gathered really portray a lot of different aspects of Northfield. It paints an accurate picture of the whole areas identity, reflecting the small farming town atmosphere while highlighting things like Jesse James and the two colleges, which make Northfield particularly unique," said Whipple.

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