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ISSUE 116 VOL 7 PUBLISHED 11/1/2002

Critic's Corner

By Molly Bayrd
Executive Editor

Friday, November 1, 2002

Do not try this at home. Though the audiences of Jackass: The Movie are given a similar disclaimer twice during the recently-released film, there are appearances, including actor/director Spike Jonze, comedian Rip Taylor, and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, who appears regularly on the television show, the movie plays out like one big on-screen beer bash of which most viewers will likely wish they had been a part. However, audience members should not expect an in-depth plot, Oscar-caliber acting, or expert cinematography from the Jackass team. Simple, yet satisfying, Jackass is the quintessential portrayal of guys being guys  and that is likely one of the biggest draws the film has to offer. Most of the stunts featured in the film are made increasingly humorous by the background commentaries and muffled laughter contributed by the familiar Jackass crew as they watch one of their men attempt another ludicrous stunt. Watching Johnny Knoxville, Bam, Ryan Dunn, and Steve-O (among others) on-screen is like viewing a home movie of ones old friends acting out their most sophomoric fantasies. There are some skits that grasp at straws and seem to reflect the filmmakers’ attempt at extending the films running-time to close to ninety minutes, but most of the less humorous clips are short enough to endure despite their low laughter quotient. Strutting his thong-clad stuff as Party Guy is still not one of Chris Pontiuss best gigs, and there is a decided lack of Urban Kayaking. However, the films opening sequence and the groups experimentation with a muscle stimulator alone were worth the price of admission.

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