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ISSUE 116 VOL 7 PUBLISHED 11/1/2002

College Cheers and Jeers: Introducing newsworthy clips from Wartburg, Stout

By Anonymous
Contributing Writer

Friday, November 1, 2002

Milwaukee Area Tech College

Cheers to The Times of Milwaukee Area Technical College, which reported on an issue pertinent to international students. The college raised awareness of international students coming into the United States to receive an education. The article printed on Oct. 3, New INS system tracks international students focused on the fact that some students were able to abuse the once lenient policies of the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) in order to use their visa to let them into the United States, rather than to use it for their education. Obtaining a student visa is more difficult post Sept. 9/11. Before, a prospective student was required to be accepted by the university of his or her choice and prove they have the financial ability to pay for tuition and also to live here. Upon meeting these qualifications, a student would be sent an I-20 form, which they were required to present to an officer before getting into the country. It was not until this point that the immigration worker mailed the I-20 to the INS where the information was then entered into the INS data base. Many supposed incoming students were able to abuse this policy and were conveniently labeled missing after coming into the United States. After receiving poor ratings for its policies, the INS revised their old system, implementing a new electronic system called Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). Currently, a university is required to fill out the I-20 form on the SEVIS electronic database. As a result, the INS is able to review the form before it is sent out to the student. A university must follow up with the INS reporting any changes in the students visa such as a change of major. The Times reports colleges are realizing that they have too little time to get everything done. The new system requires that all American institutions have the SEVIS system operating at or before Jan. 31, 2003 or they are not allowed to accept foreign students. The United States Student Association (USSA) feels that SEVIS will take away privacy rights of foreign students and possibly deter them from coming to the United States.

Wartburg College

Cheers to the Wartburg Trumpet for focusing on an issue that will affect its habitants in 50 years. Wartburg College, after three weeks of planning, has developed a time capsule that will be opened during the colleges Bicentennial in 2052. The committee generated items such as a 2001 Wartburg Christmas CD, a computer disk, newspaper articles covering 9/11, programs of events during the Sesquicentennial year, books, magazines, speeches, t-shirts and photographs. The capsule was placed on a brick pillar on campus. The class of 2002 will be able to remember their college times from 2002 at their 50th year class reunion when they reopen the capsule.

University of Wisconsin  Stout

Jeers to the University of Wisconsin - Stout for a vivid and demeaning issue covered in the student life section of The Stoutonia. Its all just a drunken grope-fest discusses the touching that plagues the nightlife in Menominee, Wis. The lead paragraph of the article asks its readers What do you get when you combine a small dark basement, a few kegs, horny guys and some very sexy women? Its a grope-fest! Graphic pictures accompany the article that suggests that party goers are unable to have fun without being touched in a manner they do not consent to. Justin Luebben, a Stout student offers advice on how to rid of unwanted gropers. A girl should leave the party if it is bad, because the guy will just hassle them more. Or, get a guy friend to help you out. This is probably the best way to avoid them and confrontation, Luebben said. The article also suggests that guys are generally the gropers with girls being the victims that need to sacrifice their evening by leaving the party if they are attacked by a groper. Stout portrays this form of nightlife, suggesting that gropers are everywhere.

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