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ISSUE 116 VOL 9 PUBLISHED 11/15/2002

Flickerstick creating a ‘catastrophe’

By Anonymous
Contributing Writer

Friday, November 15, 2002

The "rambunctious" rock and roll band Flickerstick will bring their passion for music to the Quest stage on Nov. 14. The performance will kick off their newest live CD Causing A Catastrophe expected to debut on Nov. 26. "It is a really fun band and the songs are really catching," Melissa Dragich, publicist for the group, said. "People walk around and say, 'Gosh, the music is great, but you gotta see them live!'"

The band originated out of the University of North Texas in Denton in 1997 with members Brandin Lea as lead vocalist, Cory Kreig on guitar/keyboards and vocals, Fletcher Lea on bass and Dominic Weir on drums. As Flickerstick gained more popularity, Rex "El Dangeroso" Ewing, guitarist and vocalist, was added to the distinctive blend of personalities. Brandin Lea had this comment for Marketingfactory: "It took a while for some of us to realize how much of a commitment music is," he said. "But if you are just trying to do it on the weekends, it does not work that way. You have got to play rock and roll with no net, which basically means you can't do it as a hobby and expect it to work out."

Flickerstick played gigs such as Dallas' competitive Deep Ellum before achieving a big break on VH1's music version of a reality show, "Bands on the Run." The contest was based on how well four bands could promote themselves, but one band could save itself from elimination by winning the "Battle of the Bands" competition. Flickerstick always had the least sells, but won every round of "Battle of the Bands." "They are all about music  not self promotion," Dragich said. "And the guys are really easy-going and fun to be around. People really gravitate toward that." The group's success on "Bands on the Run" continued to broaden their status in the music industry. "I have to attribute the show's success more than just to what goes on in other reality shows, because it is not like we were on some island doing some fantasy crap," Lea said. "We were a band before the show. We were doing our job; somebody just filmed it." Flickerstick's next album will include well-known favorites such as "Coke," "Smile," "Chloroform," "Beautiful" and "Execution By X-mas Lights." "When you come and see us play, you are not going to watch a pop band," Kreig said to Marketingfactory. "You are going to watch some crazy rock and roll guys go nuts for an hour. And that is what we want our record to sound like. We want kids to be at home playing air drums and air guitar." The band will wrap up their two-month tour in New York City and then retreat to the studio for their second album. "We are proud of what we have done," Lea said. "But we are anxious and ready to work on our new material and continue what we have started."

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