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ISSUE 116 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 2/28/2003

Fashion police encourage flirty pieces

By Lindsay Horn
Contributing Writer

Friday, February 28, 2003

As the telltale signs of spring burst forth in brilliant color, let nature'’s example carry over into your wardrobe.

Cast aside those dreary winter shades, wool sweaters, and itchy turtlenecks and make room for vibrant hues, eye-catching prints and skin bearing styles.

The fashions of this spring appear not only to be some of the best stuff that has come out in years, but they also are so varied that there is something for everyone.

Take your pick from bright colors or delicious sherbets, heels or flats, cropped pants or shorter capris, mini skirts or sundresses because they’'re all in style. Prints such as small polka dots, ethnic inspire and retro add some additional excitement to spring.

Whether it’'s worn on a small tote or painted on a mini skirt, be sure to incorporate the current colors of pink, yellow and white.

The following are the four hottest “looks” of spring with the latest trends in the clothes, accessories, colors, prints and materials that make them work.

Sporty Chic

Think country club attire without the stuffiness. For instance, layer a few slim tanks or a polo under a fitted cardigan, and pair with longer shorts, shorter capris, or cropped pants. The classic combination of black and white is once again in style, as are khakis, especially for bottoms. To keep your looks interesting, think about adding some bright splashes of color with a bag, silk scarf or an interesting piece of jewelry. In addition, incorporating an item with either pin stripes or polka dots will up your style points.

Pretty in Pastels

Ladylike dresses, skirts and tops all add to the romance of spring. The best fabrics for these clothes are typically light and airy so they flutter with the spring breeze. Put on a low strappy sandal to complete this outfit. Simple or no jewelry usually looks the best. As far as colors go, stick with pale blues, pinks, yellows and greens. Just be sure not to over do it, because otherwise you run the risk of looking like a badly-painted Easter egg.


Shiny and sheer material, lace and ribbon run rampant across this year’s spring fashion runways. In order to make this look wearable, don’'t let your outfit border on Victoria’'s Secret, but instead only add accents. For example, a camisole with sheer lace highlighting the neck, a shiny flowing skirt in a neutral color or a dress with some ribbon will all add a little flirt to your wardrobe. For hot hues, definitely think in terms of pink and black, and minimize accessories because, although minimal, these accents will speak for themselves.

Attention–Drawing Prints

Retro and ethnic prints are really in for spring, and oh so much fun to wear. Make sure to choose carefully when matching these exciting pieces with basic staples. Instead of turning heads you could turn stomachs from a dizzying effect. Both kinds of prints look amazing in intense colors such as tomato red, peacock blue, jungle green, plum and canary yellow. One of spring’s most fashionable items is the sundress, and both retro and ethnic prints are guaranteed to make this look sizzle. The two prints are also fabulous on halters, skirts, and capris. As far as accessories go, keep them simple, but belts and jewelry made with chunky silver metal will keep you at the top of the fashion chart.

Men’'s Fashions

Hey guys , spring is fast approaching so that means you need to shed those staple hooded sweatshirts and stocking caps, and trade them in for button down shirts and khaki pants. Although you don’t need to stress over wearing the latest styles like girls, there are some easy changes that you can make to ensure a good look. As far as spring styles go, items like short sleeve button down shirts are hot, especially when paired with a lightweight sweater. For bottoms, shorts are always a good choice as long as they are not too short or too tight. Although pants come in various styles for guys, the boot cut, looser fit is usually the most universally flattering.

When putting your best foot forward, make sure to avoid the major fashion faux pas of wearing heavy winter shoes and boots with shorts, leather sandals with athletic shorts, and most importantly please no socks with any sort of sandal.

-- Information on fashion categories and photographs taken from the May issue of Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Elle magazines.

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