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ISSUE 116 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 2/28/2003

Liberal protests are child's play

By Derek Zumbach
Contributing Writer

Friday, February 28, 2003

As a child, when I would express my disdain for something or someone via some sort of obnoxious outburst, especially in public, I would be reprimanded.

Apparently not all my peers were disciplined in the same manner. On the past two Thursdays during community time, many St. Olaf students were inconvenienced while climbing the stairs to the cafeteria by a smattering of leftists holding signs. These recent displays of boorish and juvenile political thought (or lack thereof) in our school's commons have cemented my belief that liberals are incapable of rational thought or civil discourse.

Since when has physically obstructing someone's path made them more apt to listen to you? When was it decided that if you wish to convert the masses, you should yell as loud as possible without any discernible or rational point? Perhaps someone from the infamous staircase could enlighten me as to the exact strategy of their actions. Who did they plan to convert through this obnoxious display of teenage angst and ego inflation? I would desperately like to know.

I am amused at the fact that the hardcore liberal left loves fascist regimes; in fact, dictators appear to be blameless in the eyes of the left: utterly without fault. As I walk up the stairs of Buntrock, I see signs blaming the United States for the suffering of the Iraqi people. The signs insinuate that the UN's sanctions (somehow ours alone) are killing thousands of people everyday; the evil sanctions are destroying the people of Iraq and the US is solely responsible.

I find this a hilarious proposition in that the money Iraq received for selling its oil, was being used to create weapons and palaces. The funds were never used to create a healthy nation; so why would eliminating the sanctions aid the people of Iraq in any propensity?

The people of Iraq are without food and they are suffering. But instead of blaming their fascist dictator for spending the wealth of a nation on the pursuit of chemical and biological weapons, not to mention his grandiose palaces (of which there are now over twenty) the left decides that it's obviously, somehow, our doing. I hear the people on the stairs call president Bush a fascist.

If you think you have it bad now, try living in Iraq, where if you made as much noise you'd be killed. Think of this monster that you defend and how he massacres thousands of Kurds with Nazi-like efficiency and ask yourself what delusions allow you to sleep at night.

Several months ago I was told about a similar protest at a gas station in Northfield by one of its proud participants and received the following reason for why he was there, "Man it was so cool, you know? We all came together to just fight! You should come too! It was a good time!" Upon further prying and reading an editorial in the Manitou Messenger I came to find out that barely anyone knew what was going on at that gas station at all.

It filled me with sadness to see a small business owner harassed by rowdy teens for literally no reason whatsoever. Yet again a lot of noise was made, a lot of people were inconvenienced, and for what? A good time and something to brag about on the weekend.

I suppose if one looked at these senseless tantrums as an alternative to worse behavior, such as drinking or other forms of debauchery, then you might as well continue your spurious fight for freedom. But if for some reason you wanna-be-hippies should decide that you wish to be taken seriously , I might suggest some sort of point-by-point style pamphlets devoid of logical fallacy and perhaps, if we're lucky, name calling.

I, in sincerity, question your combined ability to illustrate your feelings in a mature and thoughtful manner. Please, I implore you, prove me wrong.

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