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ISSUE 116 VOL 14 PUBLISHED 3/14/2003

Campus Cribs

By Anonymous
Contributing Writer

Friday, March 14, 2003

Superstars are not the only people who can have cool "cribs." Just take a trip down Ole Avenue and visit Mohn House.

While many of the Mohn House features are older -- such as the style of the two-story home and the ornate woodwork of the banisters and paneling around the doors -- the eight women residents have used their decorating savvy to create a space of their own.

One of their first activities together was to create their own artwork to hang in their community room. Mary Schmidt '04, said this gave them a chance to bond and create something unique for their new home.

"We've definitely made it our own," Brooke Lee '03, said. "We all have parts of ourselves somwhere."

Their bright-colored artwork is a dominant feature on one wall in the community room. This room is a place that people who have been in a crisis situation can come and be supported, Lee said.

It has also been used for many gatherings, such as hosting a meal with President Thomforde and his wife Christine, and of course as a place to hangout.

"If people are watching TV, and then someone wants to study, the TV takes precedence,” Schmidt said.

In the kitchen, Lee said they enjoy decorating with magnets on their refrigerator, such as their favorite of the statue David. A peak inside the fridge reveals staple foods of many college students: pizza and a huge carton of ice cream.

Mohn House has five bedrooms - three doubles and two singles - as well as a half bath and a full bath.

"It's so nice to have more than your room, such as a kitchen and full bathroom," Schmidt said. "You have a lot of other space to go to that is yours." Lee's double bedroom is downstairs and adjacent to the kitchen. She said that she enjoys the artwork of Georgia O'Keefe and she has incorporated her images into the look of her room: both wardrobes are covered with postcards of flowers. On her bed, she has "Stitch" from the movie "Lilo and Stitch," which she said has come in handy for many of their support meetings.

Amanda Febey '03, said that she has enjoyed living in their "baccalaureate pad."” "“It's always a fun place to be,”" she said.

Watch for reprts on other living arrangements featured in an upcoming Variety issue.

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